Brunch of Champions at Portage Bay Cafe

Topped from the breakfast bar, where four kinds of berries, whipped cream, walnuts and maple syrup await.

There’s nothing like brunch to make me feel like I’m “living without.” Ordering eggs without any sides, and no toast, is just plain disheartening. Luckily, I know the best place in town for gluten free brunch: Portage Bay Cafe.


Celiac Supplements – DGL Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract

**I am clearly not a doctor and anything I recommend is only from the benefit I saw for me. Please make educated decisions that work best for you!

DGL or Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract is a quick chewable tab I take daily. I think of it as nature’s TUMS. I began taking it after it was recommended by my sister who has a sensitive stomach. I also take it after I’ve eaten a heavy meal or notice my stomach acting up. It can calm my stomach overall. Perhaps it will do the same for you.

GF Day Trips: Better Living Through Coffee in Port Townsend

GF Tamale pie with cornmeal crust
Tamale Pie with side salad

Much as I love Seattle, I’m an explorer.

Tamale Pie with side salad

Summertime is the best time for road trips. And Port Townsend’s lovely Victorian setting and huge water views are beautifully amazing. But there’s also tons of beautiful farmland around here, and plenty of dairies and cheesemongers and foragers.


Dedicated GF baked goods: NuFlours

Macaroons in the making
518 15th Ave E., visit NuFlours when they open in late summer.

Visit NuFlours’ bakery location when they open in late summer at 518 15th Ave


NuFlours is a dedicated gluten free bakery on Capital Hill. The founders, Amanda and Phoebe, have the kitchen space up and running in the busy 15th location, but the bakery and retail area won’t be open until late summer. In the meantime, their goods can be found all over town–check the list of retailers, which continues to grow. You can also do special orders for weddings, events, or birthdays–and believe me, some of the options sound amazing. Pistachio-cardamom cake, anyone?


GF Day Trips: Trumpeter Public House

Spring in Seattle means several things to Seattleites; rain, sun, and tulips. For those of you who don’t know, last month, April, was the time when Mount Vernon hosts the month-long Tulip Festival, a glorious occasion when 60% of the Seattle population flees the city on weekend mornings to catch a glimpse of the harbingers of Spring – these guys.


GF Day Trips: Finn River Cidery

Finn River bottles
Sign to the Finn River tasting room


Hard cider has made a huge comeback in Washington, and that’s great news for gluten free folk. One of my favorite ciders is made by Finn River, in Chimacum. Chimacum is about 2 hours from Seattle, depending on if you drive around or decide to take one of the ferries. There are a lot of organic farms in the area, with everything from rhubarb to spinach to radishes on sale right now.


Soylent – The Gluten Free Wonder Drink?

What started with the crowd-funding of a Kickstarter campaign is now a full on push to change how and what we eat.

Soylent is the new food.

You can get all of the nitty gritty details and FAQ from their website, but as far as basics go… Soylent is a meal in the form of a drink. Three of these drinks a day and you’ve collected all of the nutrient needs of an average person. Bottom line, this drink is supposed to contain everything you need to get out of your food.


The best gluten free crackers… ever?


Which crackers are your favorite?

Is this the best Gluten Free cracker on the market? My taste buds say so. Breton Crackers, from Dare Foods, recently brought out a variety of gluten free crackers. For those who once ate in the land of GlutenFul foods – you may remember this as the classy cracker on the platter. Good with meat, cheese, or whatever else you like to put on top, the gluten free variety is quite good. I picked these up at Safeway and have since seen them at Bartells too. The taste, texture, and everything else is just right.

But how about you?



Gluten Free @ Costco – See What We Found


If you haven’t been to Costco lately, you need find time for the trek.  In the last month, I have seen a bounty of new gluten free products.  I visited last weekend to see the “Gluten Free Product Event”.  I visited the Issaquah warehouse, they had two groups of gluten free products in the back between the freezers and deli with “Gluten Free” signs above.