GF Toast Snack in Ballard

Gluten free toast at Toast in Ballard

GF toast with date jam and goat cheese, and coffee.

Getting a snack sometimes is the best part of my day. So I’m delighted to have discovered Toast in Ballard. In addition to tasty coffee and chai, they have gluten free toast (made with Guilt-Free Goodness bread) for $3, with a wide range of toppings. The menu is here (ignore that tempting waffle column, no GF options). I particularly like the pesto slice and the date toast, which comes with date jam and goat cheese.


Looking for Pie on Pi Day?

Image by cyclonebill

Gluten free pie eaters, today is the day! It’s finally Pi Day again! This is a special year–3/14/15–so if you’re in search of pie, we have suggestions:

If you decide to make your own Silly Zak’s GF pie crust, a ready-made pie crust available in the freezer section at PCC, some QFCs and some other groceries. (I highly recommend trying cranberry-blueberry pie, my favorite.)


Chaco Canyon, Where Everyone Can Eat

At Chaco Canyon, a cheerful sign requests that you please let them know about any food allergies, sooner than later. The menus can be a little overwhelming–there’s a smoothie/juice menu and coffee/tea menu on the chalkboard, and then a physical menu for all the food. Chaco Canyon doesn’t mind being thoroughly hippie–in fact, one of their menu items is called a “hippie bowl” and is a grain of your choice (like quinoa or rice) with veggies of your choice (carrots, avocado, etc) and a topping if desired (salad dressing, tahini, etc.). Chaco Canyon servers will work with you to help you select something that you can eat–no matter what your dietary restrictions. Avoiding dairy and nightshades? They’ll talk you through what’s available. Avoiding everything but purple and green food? They’ll figure out what’s possible.


Ghostfish Brewing – What we need.

I’ve been waiting for Ghostfish Brewing for a long time. As it turns out, the part I wanted most made me a little uncomfortable.

A Gluten Free (currently the only) brewery in Seattle is a great thing. A few came close before the good folks at Ghostfish, but none came this far,  at this scale. My wife and I visited the brewery on a Saturday afternoon. We ordered two flights of beer, which gave us a chance to try their wide variety of brew on tap. The place was busy. The inside of the brewery is clean,  comfortable, and has a nice layout. As I looked around I started to notice a lack of Gluten Free signage. With the quantity of patrons in, I started to wonder… Do they know? Did they know they were at a place that serving GF beer? Did they deserve this special treat I’ve waited so long for? The beer was cold, refreshing, and unique. My favorite was the buckwheat brown.


Coors Gluten Free Beer Review


If you read this blog with any frequency you will know we cover beer fairly often. Good or bad, it is something that matters to us in our search for normalcy.

Recently, Coors came up with their Gluten Free beer. We thought we would give it a try and a review. I picked up my 6 pack at Whole Foods on Roosevelt. It was 8.99 for the six pack which isn’t too bad considering the cost of most GF beer.


Silly Zak’s GF Pie Crust

Silly Zak's GF Pie Crust

When invited to a pie party, crusts just aren’t optional. So I was happy to find two crusts for $7 in the freezer section at PCC, primarily made with butter and rice flour. There is quite a bit of sugar in the crust, so I tested it with a savory recipe to see if it would work at all. It did! I made a broccoli and artichoke quiche, and the crust tasted deliciously buttery, not sweet at all, and surprisingly flaky.


Himalayan Food in Seattle at the Sherpa House

Curry at the Sherpa House

I love spices. And for that reason, I frequent a lot of Thai and Indian restaurants and sometimes carry around little packets of cayenne, thyme and cumin to liven things up. But my new favorite set of spices is at the Himalayan Sherpa House, a family-owned business in Greenlake. Apparently I had never had really good Nepalese food, because the food here was absolutely fabulously surprising. The menu looks a lot like an Indian menu, aside from the last page, which primarily contains dishes those of who can’t eat gluten must avoid (although the gluten eaters say that the dumpling soup is fantastic).