Zenero French Baguette Mix–Homemade Bread!

Cooked loaves
Finished loaves

Zenero‘s one-bag mixes for home baking are very interesting additions to the gluten free household. In particular, Zenero focused on the mouth-feel of foods, to make sure that even gluten eaters would be happy (see our previous post for more details).


Neighborhood Pub Fare: Phinney Market

Burger on Udi's GF bread

The Phinney Market feels like walking into a big, happy family living room. On a Wednesday night, there were toddlers (quietly) running laps and making faces at strangers, many families eating, a sleepy toddler smeared with ketchup falling asleep on mom’s shoulder, and several groups of adults eating. The server seemed actually cheerful when I asked about gluten free options, and was able to point out several menu items that could be ordered as-is, and tell me exactly what the changes would be to make others gluten free. The menu is divided into salads, starters, sandwiches, and other, and there are two soups every day (both of which were gluten free that day).


Inside Seattle’s first gluten-free craft brewery

Ghostfish Brewery Loft

Lofted ceiling over the Ghostfish brewery

First, a bit of background on why I love gluten-free beer. I’ve known of my gluten allergy my entire life. But in my late teens and twenties, I ventured out. I was the typical college student who enjoyed plenty of pizza and fried foods. I was lucky in a way that during this time I didn’t have many primary side effects. I believe I was in a remission period. This continued when I moved to the northwest in 2001. Here I discovered that we live in the land of craft beers and I can tell you that I enjoyed sampling many varieties. I toured various breweries and generally enjoyed the fact that residents in the northwest have a wide variety of high quality local beer to choose from.


Ready-Made Pizza Crust from Olivia Superfree

Olivia Superfree Pizza Crust

Some crisp fall nights, I just want pizza. And I’ve tried making my own crust, with disappointing results, and probably will try again. Still, sometimes I just want it to be fast and easy. That’s where ready-made pizza crusts come in. Olivia Superfree crusts are based on sorghum flour, and I’m not always a fan of that flavor. In savory foods, though, I tend to like it much more. In addition, two crusts are usually about $8, which is cheaper than most GF pizzas. They’re also made in a dedicated GF facility, which is very reassuring.


ZENERO’s One-Bowl Mixes: GF Baking Made Easy


ZENERO’s mixes come together with a few simple ingredients: eggs (or flax meal), oil, milk (or milk substitutes) and water, in most cases. The mixes are created to be made in one bowl, and each is designed to be customized to the size and flavors the cook prefers. For instance, the multi-grain bread mix can be used to make hamburger buns, cinnamon-raisin bread (pictured), or sandwich bread. In particular, the mixes were developed to have a similar mouthfeel and texture to gluten-filled foods that some of us miss desperately.


Seattle’s First Gluten Free Brewery – Ghostfish Brewing


For Immediate Release: Seattle WA, August 2014

Announcing Ghostfish Brewing Company:

Washington’s First Dedicated Gluten-Free Brewery

Ghostfish Brewing Company, poised to be the first dedicated gluten-free brewery in the State of Washington, is now beginning the construction and permitting process for their flagship production facility and taproom in Seattle’s SoDo district. Founded by Randy Schroeder, Brian Thiel, and Jason “Igliashon” Yerger, the brewery has been in planning since 2012 and is expected to begin production in the final quarter of 2014, with sales expected to commence in time for the holidays.


Too hot to cook? Tallulah’s Small Plates

Beets with goat yogurt and spices.

When summer’s in full swelter, it’s only civilized to head out to eat. And if you want to be somewhere nearly outdoors, with the windows thrown open, and nibble from small plates, I recommend Tallulah’s. Their menu has many items labeled “GF” and they are happy to talk with you about what’s done on shared equipment with wheat. There’s plenty of fresh vegetables on the menu, which is always my preference to eat during hot weather. In particular, I recommend the beets and the halloumi salad, my two favorite menu items.