Where to buy Gluten Free Beer in Seattle | Top Stores

With news of new beers popping up in the gluten free world, I thought I’d share my favorite places to buy gluten free beer in Seattle. I admit I am not the biggest fan of most gluten free beers on the market, but the more the merrier, and with demand comes competition.

In no particular order:

The Beer Junction www.thebeerjunction.com
Located in West Seattle, The Beer Junction is pretty steady with bringing in new gluten free beers to try. You’ll find all of the current standards, and the guys at The Beer Junction are very receptive to requests. I’ve made a few requests myself. This is one of the only places I’ve found Estrella Damm Daura.

Full Throttle Bottles www.fullthrottlebottles.com
This cool shop is located in Georgetown. They have a good selection of beers, and have even hosted a few Gluten Free beer tastings.

Bottleworks www.bottleworksbeerstore.blogspot.com
In Wallingford you can find Bottleworks. This shop features beers from all over the world, including a decent amount of GF options.

Runners up… PCC, Whole Foods, and Metro Market all carry a few good gluten free beer options.

Where have you found Gluten Free Beer for sale in Seattle?

  • Max Maliska

    Yes. I have. Marketime on Fremont Ave has a great selection of gluten free beer.

    • SeattleGlutenFree

       Fantastic, thanks for sharing Max. Do you have a favorite Gluten Free beer?